Sunday, August 22, 2010

British Company HomeSun starts £1 Billion Solar Giveaway

Solar energy is one of the most effective and renewable sources of green energy. A British company named HomeSun is trying its best to bring solar energy to 2.5 million households in UK. The company is offering solar energy giveaway worth £1 Billion.

Under the giveaway offer the company will be giving away solar energy generation equipments to households who have a decent south facing roof. With the use of solar energy households would be able to save energy and cut down their energy bills by almost 40% this means monetary savings of £250 per year.

As per the company’s scheme the customers will be provided the necessary equipments to generate solar energy free of cost. The fees received by energy providers known as feed in tariffs would be directed towards HomeSun. The company will also undertake the responsibility of installing and maintaining the equipments for 25 years.

Many people want to go the green way because of its numerous benefits but they are unable to do so because of the high costs involved in purchasing the equipment. Government grants have however helped many households in getting access to solar energy and enjoying its environmental and economic benefits. HomeSun has joined the league and is planning to make a significant impact in the way people use solar energy.

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There are also EU emission targets that need to be met and HomeSun is taking every possible step to make sure UK achieves its targets and becomes a green energy nation.

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